Our business project continues to develop, and for this we now count on the IDEA Agency.

An incentive of 65.646,00€ has been received from the Innovation and Development Agency of Andalusia IDEA, of the Andalusian Regional Government, 80% co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the project “Acquisition of robotised machine tools for the finishing and repair of wood cutting tools” with the aim of “Achieving a more competitive business fabric”.


At Hecoma, we continue to meet our objectives of continuous growth, innovation and modernisation, with our own resources and with the collaboration of the institutions that trust in our work and believe in the project.

We are aware, first hand, of the crucial work of the IDEA agency in the industrial development of our province, and especially of the town of Lucena. For this reason, we have transferred our next investment projects to the agency’s office in our region. Immediately, their staff and management in Cordoba were personally interested in getting to know us and helping us.

This interest has materialised in the form of advice on how to apply for aid for the next planned investments in machine-tools, as well as a visit to our facilities by the agency’s manager for the province of Cordoba.

Mr. Manager honoured us with his visit to our factory in Lucena, some time ago. During his visit, he was able to observe and take a close interest in our custom-made wood cutting tools manufacturing process.

He is, as he has shown us in the meetings held, a person with direct knowledge of the industrial sector of our province. At the same time, he is aware of the path to be followed by many of the sectors in Cordoba to adapt to the new market that is coming. His position and interest, make his advice, vision and guidance valuable for any company in our environment.

With sincerity, we invite you to contact the agency in your nearest delegation, and see that, there is in them staff willing to advise and advise, in everything that the administrations can offer to the Andalusian businessman.

From the staff and board of directors of HECOMA®, we would like to express our sincere congratulations for the work that the agency carries out for and on behalf of the businessmen of Cordoba.