Incorporated handles milling cutters: 65% of our customers ask us for tools for this job.


More than 65% of our customers ask us for tools to do this type of work. This is a new trend in the design of kitchens, bathrooms, etc.






This new trend has become consolidated in the market. It has become fashionable in the design of kitchen and bathroom furniture and, in general, for any type of furniture that includes doors and/or drawers. By eliminating handles, the design becomes more modern and functional, with cleaner lines.

At HECOMA® we have developed several simple and efficient solutions for the machining of “Incorporated handles” in different types of materials.

We usually manufacture the “Incorporated handles” cutters in an external diameter of 160mm and with 4 cuts. We can also manufacture them with the measurements required by the customer, in terms of profile, diameter, board thickness and board material.

The material of the cutting surfaces, in the model shown in the photos, is high quality HARD METAL manufactured to work with MDF. There are also models with interchangeable plate heads and PCD diamond plates.

The reference shown in the pictures is F1702006-18, with measures ø160mm*20mm*50mm in four cuts (Z4) and manufactured in hard metal (MD).







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