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HECOMA® custom tooling manufacturing and maintenance services

In this article we explain how you can get the special custom tool you need to do that special carpentry job the way you need it. Step by step, it’s very easy, and quick.

Fresas de mango con cuchillas perfiladas a medida

Shank cutters with custom profiled blades

Conjunto a medida

Custom-made set

Fresa de mango especial a medida

Special shank cutter made to measure


Visit of our sales representative to the customer

We manufacture on a daily basis and to order, milling cutters, drills, profiled blades, grinders, soft forming, pre-forming and post forming tools, etc. We manufacture both in carbide and diamond (PCD). We use only the best quality raw materials from the world’s leading manufacturers.

If you are a regular customer, just call your local HECOMA® sales representative. He/she will come to your company if necessary. With your instructions, he/she will draw up a preliminary plan of what you need to do. If you wish, you can also leave a sample of the material and/or work to be carried


If you are a new customer, Welcome! Call us or write to and shortly the sales representative in your area will visit you or contact you to carry out the work you need.


Boceto del trabajo especial a realizar

Sketch of the special work to be carried out

Dibujo con el cliente del trabajo especial a realizar

Drawing with the customer of the special work to be carried out

Computerised and detailed design

After the visit, our sales technician passes on the requirements to our tool design department. There, using the latest CAD/CAM tools, our engineers study and draw up a proposal for the tool to carry out the customised work you request.


Diseño con herramientas CAD/CAM

Design with CAD/CAM tools

Diseño con herramientas CAD/CAM

Design with CAD/CAM tools

Trabajo a medida que desea el cliente

We can make the work according to the customer’s requirements


High precision manufacturing

As soon as you confirm that everything is correct, the design is transferred to our state-of-the-art CNC machines, and off we go!

We are manufacturers, we make the tools ourselves, and our technicians and engineers are working “side by side”. It’s all advantages for you:

  • The tool is manufactured just as it was designed.
  • Accurate to the hundredth of a millimetre
  • And supervised by our engineers in both manufacturing and quality control.
Perfilado CNC

CNC profiling

Torneado CNC

Turning CNC

CNC Machining

Mecanizado CNC

CNC Machining


Fresa especial a medida

Special custom milling cutter

Fresa especial a medida

Special custom milling cutter

Conjunto especial a medida

Special custom-made set


Quality control, packaging and shipping

After balancing and final quality control, it is packed in our special boxes and protections, so that it travels super protected. Image is important, but it is even more important that the tool arrives intact!

We have agreements with several express transport companies, so if you need it, you can have it in your factory within 24 hours. Or if you prefer, our sales representative will deliver it to you in person and advise you on its installation, use and maintenance.

In a few days, you are working with your custom-made tool and doing the woodwork you need. We already know that your end customers are increasingly demanding in terms of design, finishes and delivery times. With HECOMA® you will keep them happy, because the finish provided by our tool is what you need and we manufacture it very quickly.


Equilibrado automático de alta precisión

High precision automatic balancing

Equilibrado automático de alta precisión

High precision automatic balancing

Quality control

Control de calidad Walter

Walter quality control

Grabado con LASER

LASER engraved


Last but not least, don’t forget to maintain your tool properly. This prolongs the service life of the tool and therefore its profitability. With our sharpening and maintenance service, your tool will always be in top condition and always available. Who better than the manufacturer to have your special tool always ready, and as always in record time.

HECOMA® Cutting Tool Services – profitability for your business.

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