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Save up to 25% by repairing your cutting tool with HECOMA®. Same quality and duration as a new tool saving costs and in a more sustainable way for the environment. 




In these images we can see this tool with its hard metal cutting plates damaged and at the end of its life due to wear and after several sharpening.  It is a milling cutter to cutting rebates in Z4 + 4.

At HECOMA®, as manufacturers, and to renew your cutting tool to an equal or better condition than new, we believe it is a great option.  But what advantages does the customer obtain with our tool repair service ?:

  • Savings of up to 25% in costs. The customer does not need to bear the cost of a new tool since a repaired one equals or even improves the performance of the new tool.
  • Improved quality and performance of the tool from when it was new. The tool that we repair, in addition to its complete renovation, goes through strict quality controls that guarantee its precision, balance and finish. So in most cases, the tool works better, with less vibrations and electrical consumption in your machinery, than when it was new.
  • Sustainability. We reuse the body of the tool, with the consequent savings in materials and energy for its manufacture.
  • Re-use. If manufacturing needs have changed, the tool can be retrofitted during repair to accommodate new customer needs

The images above show the finished repair work. The tool has followed the following steps in its repair:

  • Deep cleaning with ultrasounds and degreasing.
  • Removal of worn plates.
  • Review and Re-machining of the body (if required) .
  • Welding of new carbide plates of the highest quality. At HECOMA® we only use plates of the best quality and from the reference manufacturer in the sector. We guarantee the longest life and performance on the market for your repaired tool.
  • Inspection of dimensions and rebalancing of the tool.
  • Repainting and re-engraving of the tool identification.
  • Final quality control and packaging in one of our maximum protection boxes.

In the final gallery, we can observe the original and final state in more detail to compare. These results are possible both for tools manufactured by HECOMA, as well as for those manufactured by other companies (as long as the quality and condition of the body of the original tool allow it).



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