Reliable, quality grinding services with maximum performance, also for your diamond tool.

Restore the quality, finish and performance of your diamond tool PCD with our sharpening and maintenance services. We are manufacturers, and therefore we know the profitability that diamond brings to your factory. It lasts much longer than a metal tool, and proper maintenance and sharpening will extend its life without losing quality.

The latest technologies for EDM grinding by CNC machine, our highly qualified and experienced staff, our quality controls, as well as an agile logistics, make HECOMA S.L. your perfect partner in the day to day running of your factory.

Trust HECOMA with your:

  • Diamond saws and blades
  • Diamond cutters
  • Diamond drill bits
  • Diamond grinders
  • PCD scoring blades for profiling machines
  • Diamond tools for softforming, postforming and preforming (one of our specialities)
  • etc.

Rely on our team of professionals to advise you on your diamond tool. We have a nationwide collection and delivery service with the best courier companies in the event that our sales agents are unable to travel to your company.

HECOMA® Cutting Tool Services – profitability for your business.

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We manufacture tools for perfect performance