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Always focused on the client, we have a wide sales agents/technicians network on central and south of Spain, furthermore two factories on Sonseca (Toledo) and Lucena (Córdoba). Dedicated service of advice and manufacture for all-tailored special works. We design, manufacture and deliver in a very short time, giving our customers agility and competitiveness for to customize their designs according to his clients wishes.

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HECOMA® will exhibit again in FIMMA on 2020

HECOMA® will exhibit again in FIMMA this 2020 We will happy to see you at pavilion  N2-P2 , stand nº A 24, in an own space, to know all our news, products and services. HECOMA® , will again be present in 2020 at the international fair Fimma-Maderalia. It is the most important fair held in […]


New ABM Robot working in HECOMA®

At the end of last January, a new ABM Premium-Load 3600 sharpening robot, was added to our Lucena factory. In the path of continuous improvement, HECOMA® follows its investment plan in the most recent technology about machinery. The start-up of this new ROBOT at the Lucena factory, speeds up the tools manufacturing and tools maintenance […]

More than 60% of the world’s production is used to manufacture “hard metal” for cutting tools. The tungsten.

More than 60% of the world’s production of tungsten is used to make cutting tools. It is the fundamental component of what we call “hard metal” Hard metal is the basis of most of the tools we use for cutting in the industry. But: What is really the “hard metal”? How do we get it? […]

Diamond tools (PCD): from 60 to 150 times best performance than HM

Diamond tools (PCD): from 60 to 150 times best performance than HM The PCD, also called o synthetic diamond, may be one of the best materials for making cutting surfaces for woodworking and other works. In HECOMA®, from almost our foundation, we know its advantages, and therefore we’ve specialized in its maintenance and in the manufacture of […]

We are back. “Customer centricity” strategy

We are back from vacation. “Customer centricity” strategy After the well-deserved summer vacation, we are back with renewed strength to manage all the projects of the new season. We wish everyone a happy return  and a prosperous rest of 2018. Let’s all give a new “push” so that 2018 will be a successful year for our […]

Grooving cutter for toenail type handles: 60% of customers ask for tools for doing this work

60% of customers ask for tools for doing this work. It is a new trend in the design of kitchens, bathrooms and others. We have detected this new trend a few months ago in the market. It has become fashionable in the design of kitchen furniture, bathroom and in general, for all types of furniture […]

IDEA (Innovation and development Agency of Andalusia) agency has been interested about the industrial project of HECOMA®

Our business project continues to develop, and for this we have the agency  IDEA As we have already done in previous publications, HECOMA® continues to develop its industrial project with the objectives of continuous growth, innovation and modernization. We are aware, firsthand, of the crucial work of the IDEA agency in the industrial development of our […]

Get the maximum profitability of your woodworking tool with HECOMA®

¿How you can get the maximum profitability of your woodworking tool? We get the maximum profit taking care about this factors : suitability , correct use and appropriate maintenance. See all of this in detail. Suitability  of the tool HECOMA® made woodworking tools specifically to do a very well defined work. Each tool is made […]

HECOMA® appears on IMHE Jun 2018 Vol II (professional magazine about manufacturing)

HECOMA® appears on IMHE Jun 2018 Vol II  In HECOMA® continue incorporating cutting-edge technology to our production lines. Few days ago, a new automatic “cutting tool” balancing machine started to work in our factory in Lucena (Córdoba). The manufacturing specialised magazine IMHE has noted about the integration of the TD2009 Comfort from the German manufacturer Haimer, to our production line.  […]

HECOMA® visit XYLEXPO 2018

HECOMA® visit XYLEXPO 2018 Our compromise of be attentive to evolution and innovation within our business sector,  it takes us to not to miss this great opportunity to know all the innovative technology  shown in XYLEXPO. So that, we will go to this appointment, one more year . On our Twitter we spoke about several […]