New ABM Robot working in HECOMA®

At the end of last January, a new ABM Premium-Load 3600 sharpening robot, was added to our Lucena factory.

In the path of continuous improvement, HECOMA® follows its investment plan in the most recent technology about machinery. The start-up of this new ROBOT at the Lucena factory, speeds up the tools manufacturing and tools maintenance processes for our customers.

Improved manufacturing capacity

The acquisition of this new robotic machinery, together with the hiring of new personnel to use it, expands our productive capacity in our Lucena headquarters. The demand for our products and services for the wood industry in Andalusia is growing at a good rate, so to maintain our commitment to our customers, the work capacity of our two plants in Lucena and Sonseca it’s been widened and distributed.

Process Improvement

In addition to meeting the demand of tool sharpening in Andalusia, the new Premium-Load 3600 allows us to finish certain tools that are manufactured in this location. Tools, in previously, had to be finished in our headquarters in La Mancha.

The best technology

After watching several options and seeing them working in a recent national machinery fair, we decided to incorporate this  model,  of the manufacturer ABM , into our production chain.

This model offers the guarantee of quality and finishing that we pursue in HECOMA®. With the high precision grinding of this automatic machine, the customer gets the best sharpening of his tool, with the minimum elimination possible of cutting material.

The objective pursued: «The best profitability of your tool and machinery for the work of wood»

How it’s work

In the following video you can see, in 2 minutes, the automatic process of the machine once disks are loaded and the job is programmed. The work is totally automated, which results in efficiency, operator safety and productivity.

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