We manufacture special tools, with custom specs tailored to your needs, in a very short term.

With the quality, finish and performance that distinguishes us, we manufacture tools and special profiles tailored to your needs. With our own facilities, machinery, engineering and technicians, we achieve delivery times not common in the sector.

fabricacion medida servicio design

Our commercial team offers you the necessary advice and converts your needs into the specifications for manufacturing, without intermediaries, direct to design team, and to our factory.

Cutters, drill bits, profiled blades, hoggers, softforming, preforming and postforming tools, etc. , both in carbide metal alloy and diamond. Using only raw materials of first quality, from the first manufacturers worldwide, the latest technologies in CAD/CAM design and CNC manufacturing.

fabricacion medida servicio grabado

In the factory, our high qualification and experienced staff,  our quality controls, as well as an agile logistics, make HECOMA S.L. your perfect partner, also for special tools.


Making tools for the perfect performance